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HedgeHog_jr is the new Cell-Out champion!
20:46, 18th Dec 2014
WeeRegnig is the new Penguin Pass champion!
13:10, 3rd Apr 2013
WeeRegnig is the new Chopper Challenge champion!
12:59, 3rd Apr 2013
Parasitic is the new Hexxagon champion!
13:12, 8th Apr 2011
Parasitic is the new Magic Ball champion!
16:14, 7th Apr 2011

Arcade Champions

1st Parasitic with 21 awards.
2nd Roo with 12 awards.
3rd HedgeHog_jr with 9 awards.
4th WeeRegnig with 2 awards.
5th Iceman with 1 awards.

Latest Scores

HedgeHog_jr scored 2,280 playing Bounce Back
HedgeHog_jr scored 15,840 playing Cell-Out
HedgeHog_jr scored 11,800 playing Cell-Out
HedgeHog_jr scored 2,430 playing Cell-Out
HedgeHog_jr scored 38 playing Gyroball

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