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Thread: rFactor FAQ Thread

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    rFactor FAQ Thread

    What is rFactor?
    Here is a quote directly from their web site.
    Presenting rFactor, the new racing simulation series from Image Space Incorporated. After successfully creating over a dozen products in the past ten years, Image Space takes the next logical step, creating a completely new technology base and development process. This new isiMotor 2.0 environment will be the foundation on which to build exciting products for many years to come.

    The first installment in the rFactor series features mixed class road racing with ultra realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment and stunning graphics. This is the game you will want to play.

    rFactor provides unprecedented flexibility, allowing the series to grow and evolve with mod community involvement, race club formation, and feedback from users worldwide. We hope you enjoy the ride!
    Where can I get rFactor?
    You can download a trial version and later purchase an Unlock Code that activates the download to a full version, all over the internet.

    More information here:

    Does it come on CD?
    Yes. See post by GOAT below.

    Quote Originally Posted by GOAT View Post
    In case you don't want to read all the threads you can buy that game on CD from, and yes they do have a stateside address.
    Quote Originally Posted by GOAT View Post
    Hey guys I ordered that rFactor game on CD from on Thursday afternoon 25 Jan 2007 and I received the game this afternoon 27 Jan 2007. I used the next postage up from the basic which I think was 50 cents more than the basic one. What fantastic service. rFactor cost was $37.90 plus shpg/hdlg $3.99 Total $41.89.
    What type of racing can I do with rFactor?
    rFactor comes with several different racing types built in. Most are road circuits with some ovals. There are open wheel and sports/rally cars. But the big thing is there are a ton of different racing mods made by third parties and many are top quality. You should be able to find several satisfying racing types along with cars and tracks.

    Where do I get these Mods?

    See post by DJ below.
    Quote Originally Posted by djkj737 View Post
    As a rule of thumb these next 2 links you need o save as a favorite do to 1 is where you go to downlaod all tracks and mods made for R-Factor. I wouldnt down load anything under a 4 star rating. You will see tons of mods and tracks to download for your conveince.
    What Mod is OSG looking to use for starting a Racing League?
    See post by DJ below.
    Quote Originally Posted by djkj737 View Post
    Ok guys !! here are the links P1 and I have been testing . We just wanted to make sure that we didnt miss lead you all . I will be getting with whomever can get us hooked up with the server . I couldnt figure out how to get the server files on the box .

    the nascar mod is here :

    this link contains all the tracks and cars for this mod . Very well done and enjoyable .

    Be sure to look up djkj737 or P1 on TS if you have any other questions or need help getting things setup.

    I hope this little FAQ, built from several threads, helps put all the need to know info in one place.

    Also don't forget to add a rFactor UserBar to your Sig to let the other OSG'ers know you are in on the racing action.
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    Thanks Tombstone ! If anyone needs any help please post here and we can set a time to meet or ask away and P1 or myself will answer you . Thanks again .

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    Video Options for rFactor

    Found the following text in the rFactor ReadMe file. It may help some get better frame rates and a smoother racing experience.

    It is important to base your display detail settings on actual video card memory, not on the total reported amount. PCI Express video cards, in particular, often reserve extra memory of two to three times the actual onboard video memory. Using substantial amounts of off-card memory will allow lots of resources to be loaded, but can cause serious performance problems. Based on the actual amount of onboard video memory, some common-sense guidelines are appropriate:

    Above 256 MB: All display settings can be run at Full.
    256 MB: Track and texture settings can be run at Full, Player and Opponent detail should be High.
    128 MB: All settings should be set to High.
    64 MB: Most setting should be set to Medium.
    Below 64 MB: Not supported by rFactor

    The following graphics detail settings have the most impact on memory usage, in order of most to least impact:

    1. Opponent Detail
    2. Texture Detail (applies to non-vehicle textures)
    3. Track Detail
    4. Player Detail
    5. Special Effects Detail

    Graphics Shader Level:
    rFactor supports three shader levels, DX7, DX8, and DX9, each providing improved visuals at the expense of performance. The available detail levels, as reported in the rF Config program, are dependent on you video card. For most newer video cards (those produced within the last year), the DX9 shader level will run at nearly the same performance as the lower levels, while offering the best visuals.

    Full Screen Anti-Aliasing (FSAA):
    There are two ways to set FSAA in rFactor. The first method is through the Display Control Panel, usually accessed by a right-click on the desktop. The other method is with the rF Config program (the preferred method), which gives the best performance, since this will use FSAA only on the frame buffer, and not on any other surfaces such as rear view mirror, shadows, or HUD displays. When set from the control panel, FSAA is applied to all of the previously mentioned surfaces, resulting in more smoothed features at the expense of lower performance. Using FSAA can consume large amounts of video memory, contributing in another way to lower performance on older video cards.

    Anisotropic Filtering (AF):
    Anisotropic filtering can also be set from either the Display Control Panel, or from inside the rFactor in game Display Settings. Again, the preferred method is to set AF inside the game, as it is applied to all textures that do not have a per-texture AF setting. Set from the control panel, the AF setting overrides per-texture AF levels, and is applied to all textures, including shadows and HUD displays.

    MIP Map LOD Bias:
    Many track textures use a small negative MIP Map LOD bias to avoid overly blurred textures, particularly road and road line textures. Using the setting Clamp Negative MIP Map LOD Bias will disable these bias settings, resulting in excessive texture blurring, but slight additional performance.

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