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Thread: OSG Rules and Info

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    OSG Rules and Info

    Basic rules (guests, visitors):

    - Respect is our motto. Those who cannot respect others on our TeamSpeak or servers will be kicked and/or banned.
    - We do not tolerate cheaters, hackers, or those who abuse in-game exploits. Violaters will be treated to a permanent ban from our servers, TeamSpeak and web site.
    - We do not wish to have drama discussed about other web-sites or clans. If you feel the need to talk about these things, please ask the member you wish to speak with, to pull you into another channel. We prefer that you email or private message the member.

    Think you may want to be a member of |OSG|?
    The membership process:
    - Members must be at least 18 years old.
    - Potential members must fill out an application to join:
    - There are two ways to become a member:
    1. An OSG Admin may sponsor your membership, or
    2. You may fill out our application to join. A vote will be taken after 30 days of a "recruiting process".
    - In this process, once your application is received and responded to, you will be asked to place an "-r" after your name in TeamSpeak. You will also need
    to use one of the following in-game tags : |OSG-r| or username_OSG-r. This will help all OSG members get to know you and know your wishes to join.

    |OSG| emphasizes TEAM play. We are not concerned with your skill in any particular game. We are always looking for quality members!

    About Old School Gamers :
    We are NOT a clan. We find the ranking and various rules of a clan atmosphere unnecessary. OSG is a multi-gaming community. Here we emphasize that you play whatever you want, whenever you want. We attempt to keep everything simple and fun for all involved. Most of our members are employed full time and/or married with children. Life in general is very busy, so our members come here to relax and enjoy themselves to relieve the stress of their day. You will not find "clan drama" or children here. If you have been looking for what we are offering, then you have found the right place! If you have any questions about OSG, feel free to ask an admin (check our roster list on the home page or find one in our TeamSpeak that have an SA after their name).
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