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Thread: How to Apply to |OSG|

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    How to Apply to |OSG|

    You must be a registered member of the site to apply for |OSG| membership.

    Please use the following link to apply:

    You must provide the following information about yourself:

    1. Name (First, Last)-must be real name
    2. e-mail address
    3. Player name
    4. Country
    5. Date of Birth (Month-Day-Year)- **You must be 18 to apply**
    6. Additional information about yourself and why you want to be a member of |OSG|

    ** All applicants that meet our age requirements will be asked to participate in a 1 month |OSG| recruiting process as condition on joining the TEAM. |OSG| wants to make sure we have TEAM players and that our members are of the highest quality and respect. **
    ** If you are being sponsored by an |OSG| Member, please state that at the bottom of your application and include their user name. Thanks. **

    Thank You:
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