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    Hey There

    Hey everyone...just wanted to drop in and see how everyone is making out. It's been a long time!

    I haven't been gaming much at all in the last couple of years or more...shifted to PS4 for a bit, but haven't been playing that much in the last year or so either. I recently purchased BF1 on the PC, but haven't played much.

    I hope everyone is doing well and hope you guys are having a great New Year!

    Sask (Jason)
    Long may your big jib draw, me ol' cocky!

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    Hey Sask! Wow it has been a long time! I just got a "Happy Birthday" email from OSG and it brought me back here. Sure is good to see some old names, though posts are still frozen in time from back in the day. Would love for everyone to play again!

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    Rage...Sask, my old luvers!

    Played a bit of R6S with Pill & Druge, Viper a couple of times with Division...then life got in the way again. Rage hope things out west have been good for you.

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